B.A.D. Classes & Packages

Here you will find all of the B.A.D. (Blessed, Anointed and Destined) packages, and classes that are group, self-study, or one on one. Each one is dependent on what your individual needs are. Look over each and make your decisions for what you need now.

Track Spending $75 1 Week
               Determine what is needed and what is not 
               Set up alerts                    
Debt Elimination $80 w/workbook 2 Weeks
               Create a payback system and timeline to eliminate all debt & create wealth
Financial Analysis $75 
                What is needed to keep life/business out of debt?
                 What resources are available to achieve this? 
                What is your net worth? What would you like it to be?
B.A.D. Dollars for life $75
                Excel spreadsheet of all assets and debts. 
B.A.D. Dollars for business $75 (discounts for more than one business)
                Excel spreadsheet of all accounts payable and receivable 
B.A.D. Couponer $100 w/workbook & $25 worth of coupons 30 days
               The coupon basics to save money and create stockpiles
               Creating organization to be an effective couponer 
               Conference Calls
               Unlimited Email consults 
              Wealth and Abundance Ebook

B.A.D. Money Package: $300 for five sessions
Track Spending
Debt Elimination
Financial Analysis
B.A.D. Dollars for life
B.A.D. Dollars for business

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