Here you will find short versions of the full courses offered at B.A.D. University These mini-courses are self study and considered personal enrichment. All of thenm are $45. Once the call is fee is paid via paypal, all course material will be sent. One of the B.A.D. University staff members will send a schedule of when worksheets, homework, or emails should be in to our offices. 

 Enjoy your learning experience with B.A.D. U.

 B.A.D. Money:
 1 Session (Email teaching) Track Spending (worksheet) Financial Analysis (worksheet) Both worksheets are geared for your individual lifestyle.

 A Queen's Life: Ruth
Mini-course is a offered with a pre-test and teaching on Ruth. This course is a two day direct teaching via email which includes an audio

Prophetic Patterns
This mini-course offers you a look into each part (Calling, New Levels, Seeing through to the Others side, Doors) within 5 days. You have the option to purchase the book (which is not part of the $45 mini-course) to help you and extend your knowledge pass the mini-course offering.

 B.A.D. Benefits
(formerly No More Foodstamps) Accelerated 2 week course Provides: 10 page workbook on couponing, creating sustainable finances, Lifestyle Budget Worksheets. This is personal enrichment study with email follow up from B.A.D U staff.

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