Spiritual Enrichment

Spiritual Enrichment Courses 

Courses created for you to Ask, Seek, Knock, to study to show yourself approved and to increase your awareness for your business. 

Prophetic Patterns  

Prophetic patterns are part of a change in the real reality; it isn't a change in the Bible or the words God gave. It is an enhanced message to clarify what was also given. The prophetic patterns are pieces where the scriptural run into the natural. They are, specifically, what you remember with what’s going on now. These pieces to the pattern are building to the end result.

The Master's Degree Program: 

Fall Classes Start October 15th
Complete Course Enrollment Fee: $799.97

A Queen's Life $199.97

Every woman has royalty in her; learning how to implement and walk in that royalty is vital to your future. The course focuses on various women of the Bible, how they elevated into their positions, and what their positions meant for the for the people. For $199.97 you will spend six weeks finding you, learning about you, and implementing you for your business and life.
  • Esther, Deborah, Potipher's Wife, Gomer, and Ruth are all women that have been mentioned in the Bible and  whose lives are paramount to B.A.D. Queens. 

  • You will create a blueprint for your life finding YOU in  one of these women's lives.

  • How God instilled in me to create this course from my own personal experiences in my 'royal' life. 


2 Week Courses $99.97 each
Mini-Courses start as soon as class fee is paid
Esther: Becoming the queen: What is the process? 
Ruth: Found Working: Working and Waiting
Mary: Called to carry destiny

The Abrahamic Journey $199.97
Joshua's Calling $199.97

Don't be a Benchwarmer: $199.97
Faith is an Action Word 
Module 1: Whose team are you on? $75
Module 2: What if the quarterback doesn't show up? $75
Module 3: Do you want the other team to win? $75

 Registration being accepted now for September 17th

Please submit course interest to our enrollment staff to info@baduniversity.com subject line: SPIRITUAL ENRICHMENT ENROLLMENT 

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