Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Perfect Pitch

Let's cut to the chase:

It's time to buckle down and get your business OUT THERE.

The time is now for you to continue to do what is necessary for growth.

Now that I've said that. Here is what I've learned in the past 45 days in creating my perfect pitch deck.

I found, in order to create the pitch to win the money, I had to channel my passion for what I really wanted to do, and not what I wanted to get. When you consider what you're doing will bless your future client or in your community, you will push forth in what to bring to the table. 

The diagram below shares my personal insight. 

During this Corona Quarantine, you need to work on you. 

BAD Coach Dana is holding one on one Perfect My Pitch Classes for five days ONLY March 30th for $250 investment

More detail is in the workbook given once you start the class. 

  • Day One: How to create your pitch deck. 
  • Day Two: Learn how to add audio to your pitch deck (creating a virtual pitch)
  • Day Three: Group Session Question and Answer 
  • Day Four: Make necessary changes/updates and fine-tune the recording. 
  • Day Five: My Perfect Pitch Release on BADFBI website 

During this time we will provide resources to submit your virtual pitch.