Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm tired of being where do I start?

I am so tired of being fat. Who agrees with me? I am doing so much to lose weight and to eat right I feel like I have learned a lot about why I keep ballooning.

I will go home and sit right down. I will sit down and not do ONE thing! I will not exercise or anything. Then one day I thought, what is my problem? I am growing out of these size 16 pants, my chest matches my stomach, I seem to have an overlapping everything and you know what...THATS NOT ME.

I can be full figured but not over weight SORRY not happening.

So, I'm tired of being fat, where do I start? I start with the busineses I have joined and decide NOT to get discouraged.

One business in particular is Snack Healthy. I became a brand partner last year! I recently rec'd my snack packs and have fallen in love..wait no...addicted to the Apple and Banana Crispy Fruit. These are just like eating a bag of chips, yet  I need the apples.

I am working to get on the right track. Daily, I have decide to force myself to do some type of exercise and not give up. My previous posts talk about Body Gospel and how I loved it. Well I still love it, but i gave up. The truth is that no matter how I feel about how I Look I will truly give up. So what does that mean for you?

It means we can do this together. How?
Email me at with your mailing address and I will send you a sample of the crispy fruit and microwave popcorn.

Okay no? Let me add if you are looking for something that is gluten free, low in calorie, and good for you AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY, you can't lose!

Try the snacks.
Also look over becoming a brand partner; you are worth it..


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  1. Don't give up on Body Gospel, Dana! :( It's a wonderful fitness program that will help you get fit, along with the healthy snacks you recommend. Don't give up, girl! Just follow the daily program that Donna Joyner has provided for us and COMMIT to doing it for the entire month, no matter what happens. You can do it!