Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well..they quit...

Yes, they did. I had a great team of coaches that wanted to lose weight and go far, but they quit. They weren't feeling it, too much investment, no time for it, and they left me. I really was hurt. I have to be honest, I was hurt. Yet, I still encourage each one of them to do what they need to do. Even though they

The point if this post is to let you know that quitting is not a bad thing. If the people that left me in Beach Body are doing their passion and something that will give them the money the need to leave a legacy and get past making ends meet, I am there for them. I am pushing them along with what they want. That's my God given gift.

Yet I know there is someone out there that wants to make money, lose weight and help others do the same. I will not talk about big dollars and no sense. I will not talk about what you can eventually do, but I will way what you want you can have if you have the mind to achieve and obtain it.

Understand what you want and get what you need.

Quitters become winners, when they figure out what they want in life. If money is your only answer you won't get it, but if helping others and succeeding in more areas of wealth besides your pockets. Let's chat.


  1. It's true that money should not be our motivating issue as a BeachBody coach; instead it must be helping and motivating others reach their fitness goals, while we do the same. There are thousands of people across the U.S out there that would love the opportunity to join you since you are a wonderful leader, so keep on searching and you will find the perfect ones for you team =)

  2. Thanks dahlin! I am encouraged to keep moving forward. I lost two, but I still have one that keeps hanging with me..and one day we will have beach bodies to show our customers!