Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sharing the Experience

I have been a distributor for Young Living Essential oils for a year. I decided that my mind, body and soul, had to be healthier; I decided that I had to be complete.

I first got started in the business to help a friend with her multiple streams of income. Yet, what I found was that the essential oils were a great benefit to my life and my health. Let me NOT forget my children as well.

thyroid issues

Everything we have going on in our house is "helped" with the use of Young Living essential oils. I must share that these oils are not JUST aromatic; you can put them on your skin or in your body (read the instructions)  and you can also clean the house with them!

The amazing part about this business is you share the experience with others;the experience!!!

I use Copaiba as a skin toner and firmer! It reduces the appearance of stretch marks and blemishes, as well as firms the skin! I have also noticed that it strengthens the nails!
Can someone say natural botox? I used lemon essential oil on my eyes and in-between the nose area for wrinkles. Lemon also works as a good skin cleanser.

You can mix these oils with V-6 (from Young Living) or Virgin Olive Oil.

The importance of being in a business like this is sharing the experience.
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