Monday, August 15, 2011

Save Your Pennies!

Since starting the group Divas, Diamonds and Discounts: Coupon Exchange Group, I have seen a need to give more tips and tricks on how to save money.

Today's tip (and there may be many in one day) is save your pennies. Literally! Every penny you receive/find/see/pull out of the couch SAVE IT.

Pennies may be one cent in denomination but they add up. Each penny can be counted toward whatever you have need of and more.

On the front of that penny it says In God We Trust. I'm not disregarding President Lincoln, I'm just looking at what is primarily important. Your money comes from God; He blessed you with a job and the ability to do that job. You should be trusting God with all your mind and soul because HE has the power to take it all away. Are you ready to save your pennies? Then trust in GOD!

Start today! Get a nice jar or cute bank, and put every penny you find in there. At the end of the week count what you have; If you have over $2 take it to the bank and put it in your savings account. Yes, start an emergency fund with what you have. If its only $2 you might have a $50 emergency and only have $48 in your pocket. (that's another blog so keep looking out)

Save your pennies! Tell the children to do the same. You are trying to get out of debt and you have to start somewhere and not depend on anyone! PENNIES! Start now!

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