Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What do you SEE?

I am in two classes for the next few weeks that will help me take my life and my ministry to another level. I'm so excited by what God is doing and where HE is taking myself (and my family) that I am not giving up mid-stream.

I am using what I have to share and help you. The vision God gave me about my life and my ministry is great and going further than I ever imagined. I am beginning to see how God wants to use me to help others. I see a lot even in the middle of my circumstances.

I ask you, what do you SEE? What visions or dreams has God given you to help others, to build HIS kingdom and to live in the abundance HE has for you? Think back.
As I think back, I realize that I can't do it without HIM and without His direction. Writing down everything I am shown, I am truly blessed to know that I am usable (amen?) As a life-style and business coach, I am looking at what to SHOW you so that you can see. I want to start with <<<my mini-vision board. I created this vision board after a morning of stress, wonder and worry. On it is a photo of the house I'm going to have, my family, being God's servant, being a woman in business, having money and a woman in ministry. Notice how I didn't say what I want but what I WILL HAVE.
The purpose of a vision board is to see what you want, but you have to say you have it in order to get it. How do you do that? You back that up by faith and trusting God will do it according to HIS plan and HIS will. I know that God wants my family to be well, He wants me to live in the abundance He promised and to help others in business and in minstry as well as serve in His Kingdom.

So, what do you see? What is your dream or vision God has given you?

This is my first actual vision board where I found what I wanted and put right here with thum tacs. This is a great hands on visual and gives you something to see and change at any time you would like to.

I want you to look at what YOU SEE. Find ways to materialize the vision. Create you board, mini-board or book (next post) soon and ask yourself what do you see!

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