Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Change the Mentality

As a business and lifestyle coach I get frustrated. I get frustrated knowing people have the potential but are afraid to use that potential because of what their taught. Then, they come to me and what happens? I encourage them but its temporary. They get excited set a few goals but then run into LIFE and it goes down hill...that's a mentality inside that keeps people from achieving any goals no matter how large or how small. This mentality will have you stuck in day to day living. This mentality will never allow you to fully see and accept that you can be a millionaire. Change the mentality.

You can't see your dream come to life if you can't get past today. God isn't going to bring you something that you can't do or can't handle. He knows you will have struggles in the middle of your change, but the only way to fully trust HIM is to willingly change your mentality. Choose to change the mentality of what you have been taught so that you can forward and get what God has for you.

Sacrifices have to be made. Beauty sleep will have to be lost. Viable investments will have to be made and real relationships will have to be established. As a business coach, I am concerned about the well being of each and every client, like I am each and every friend. Its important that you keep walking in what you know and never think to stop; giving up is not an option. Never let the issues of your life/heart keep you from getting to the point GOD wants for you.

Change the mentality!

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