Friday, October 14, 2011

Grocery Shopping: $20 per week per person Challenge

I was listening to Dani Johnson radio show yesterday...and she was saying how we should be able to buy groceries on $20 a week, per person......saving thousands....I'm taking on the challenge to do so..Started October 13th for 30 days.....for my house that's $60 a week. Okay so my older son and I went to the store yesterday (just the local Aldi's) to see if we could the $20 per person a week..just starting yesterday and we made it work! Even though he was under $1 and I was over, it balanced out!!! Praise the LORD.  Now my other son has to go tomorrow to get his protion, but PRAISE THE LORD..this is a great start to my family saving money and getting on track.

You need to try and save pennies...and do this. I will follow up every week! 

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