Friday, November 18, 2011

Telling My Story

As a business and lifestyle coach, and speaker I tend to share a lot of me in everything that I do. In September of 2011, God impressed upon my heart to share my mistakes that I made in buisness. It was a rough 12 years, and believe me I learned my lesson and as an entrepreneur, I keep learning. As I keep learning, I find that I keep teaching.

I wrote the book Your Miracle from my Mess and had it published last week. I have sold two copies already and am readily waiting the reviews. I have to say to you that GOD is in everything that I do and and everything that I want to do to help others. This book really tells my story! My financial woes, my broke days and my time waiting on God to bless me. I have to say to you that when you really want to help someone else you will be as transparent as you NEED TO BE. This is why I am an expert at almost everything and this is why sometimes I shed a tear for my I CRY for my clients. I don't want anyone to go through what I've been through. NEVER. You won't regret what you've learned from my mess!
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