Monday, February 6, 2012


This can be applied to any business, but I created it for potential Beach Body Coaches.

Making Choices:
  1. Know why you are joining the fight against obesity
  2. Know why you want to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle
  3. Know why you want to help others do the same
  4. Know why you want more from life than DEATH.
  5. Invest in yourself with no doubts or regrets
  6. Invest with money, time, faith, consistency
  7. Obtain the wisdom to obtain the wealth
  8. Obtain the wisdom to share the wealth
  9. Get organized and stay organized

Business/Debt Free
  1. Set obtainable daily goals
  2. Log into your back office once a day.
  3. Make notes in your calendar, phone, post-its, etc all day
  4. Schedule text/email meetings with potential customers twice a week
  5. Follow up with your coach, your potential downline, and your accountability partner
  6. Expect the best everyday
  7. Share the best everyday
  8. Create a savings plan as you grow your business (more to come in separate document/report

Fat Free
  1. Exercise daily
  2. Drink your shakeology daily
  3. Share your testimonies and more with others

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