Thursday, April 5, 2012

Financial Literacy Month: Let's handle it the REAL WAY!

As I type this brief blog, I realized that no one has talked about April being financial literacy month! With everything going on in the economy, you think people would be prepared to help someone right now get on track or stay on track. Either way I say this: Coach Dana is ready to build you and get your finances on track. The book I wrote earlier this year Triple D's: Divas Diamonds and Discounts is the real deal full of information for the real man/woman who want to ge the best of their money!

Financial literacy month should be the prime time that we all get together and help others. Being broke, losing homes, and losing lives, should not be the option in life. Too many things are happening around the world. I am gladly ready to be in place for you and help you save as much as you can on a daily basis. Its more than just eating leftovers for lunch. It is more than just having an emergency fund, it is more than just reducing your spending. Its looking at your life and applying what you already know to get it right.

So, I have many classes scheduled this month. Some of these classes have a small fee, some you may be able to win a spot in the class everything is essential for you right now this month..lets GO!!!

Join Diva's, Diamonds and Discounts and Divine Dollars on for more information on the classes with Coach Dana. It's time to go further, right now!

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