Friday, May 18, 2012

Learning from my MISTAKES!!!!

I've been taking a look at what I have done in the past 13 years of being an entrepreneur and what went wrong. I truly believe that if I had paid attention to who was really in charge (God) I would be a millionaire by now and not wondering about last minute bills or finding finances. I am taking some time to learn from my mistakes. I made plenty of them.

There were times when I first started in business where I thought investing and investing and investing more over and over was the right way to get started. I thought that people in my family would be my best word of mouth. I was so foolish and deceived myself! The mistakes from 1999 through now (Yes! I have made a few mistakes but we'll talk about that later.)

In 2005 I came to realize that as a Christian I had to let God be CEO of my life and my business. I had come to realize that everything I wanted to do, I couldn't do because God was not the leader. I still made mistakes, in how I let God lead, because, in my flesh, I was still trying to lead, then I had to see that all of my time was being wasted getting ready for a future that was not in line with God's purpose. I'm steady learning from my mistakes!

Each day, since 2005, I found myself still making business financial mistakes; I found myself investing in things that would increase my income base, but not if I was the only one helping ME! I TOLD people that I was giving my businesses over to God and that I was walking a path that was different that my past, but I was still going through personal flesh challenges. I was truly learning from my mistakes.

I had to stop my downward spiral and get myself together. I started to read more often! I started to gather books that were set to help me grow. No matter how old or new the boos were, I invested pennies on the dollar for these books and I started to STUDY MY BIBLE not just read, and I understood my mistakes. READ PEOPLE..WE HAVE TO READ. I have added the books that I have read , and more books I want, to my online 'bookstore" Building You. As Coach Dana, I am building you to succeed. I am asking you, if you are also on this step in your life, the step where you look at your mistakes, I'm asking you pray, then to go here find your book from these I have compiled and start a change in direction right now. God is with you; He is you CEO!!

Earlier this year, I also wrote my book Your Miracle from My Mess and its been a hit, but I'll tell you that the hit has more marks to make. I feel there is a motivational speaking piece with this book that will help others; more in your face teaching and giving from the heart. I made mistakes and am becoming very succesful from my little begginings in 1995 (and relapse in 2005). Its time to teach the future billionaires. Pick up your copy of Your Miracle from my Mess today to get started. Send an email to if you would like to kept up to date on events and classes via the C.K.Q. LLC Newsletter.

Learning from my mistakes I know that I have to help others see where I have been in order to understand where I am. Its the test in the testimony that helps us to succeed. If I hadnt' failed at something, I wouldn't know how to change it so that you could win!

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