Monday, June 11, 2012


I have been scheduling speaking engagments, on and offline classes, and praying about the next level God is taking me on; I've been busy!

In this busy-ness mindset, I have looked at what I am doing and wondering why some things work and some things just fall by the wayside. I am a goal setter! Yet, where are they written? They aren't. I know...just shake your head at me! The daily goals are not written down. They are in my head. My long term goals are written down and on two or three vision boards.

DAILY..I'm failing... BUT NO MORE.

Get the goals set and completed. I am writing down goals for each project that I need to get done today. How you ask? I have books to write, programs to write, and a calendar to work on; each of these has its own goal to accomplish at the end of this day.

EX. I need to schedule 6 webinars/seminars over the next 3 months. What am I trying to accomplish in scheduling these webinars? (GOAL 1:) I am trying to help others get organized, make/save money, and get closer to their breakthrough! I am also(GOAL 2) trying to increase my summer income and promote my BRAND.

Two goals set in one project. I will have these scheduled by the end of the day and I will have at leasts 4 people signed up by midnight in at least 2 of the classes.

Set the goals and obtain them. I have a class on that too, are you ready? Let's go!

Classes coming up soon:
Organzie and Priortize

Faith and Finances

7 P's to Greatness

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