Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I found $984 of Fat

As a coach, I never tell my clients I know it all, I tell them I have been there and you don't have to go there! Everyday I learn something new and then I share with others. (blogs, books, newsletters, etc) In the past 4 months, I have learned how to find FAT in my income, how to eat what's in my pantry, how to give the excess I've been holding on to to others, and how to position myself to become DEBT FREE. I've been there many a times financially burdened and GOD gave me direction to move forward..while in that direction MORE doors are opening for me. Get yourself in that direction too! Purchase the War on Debt Home Study program from Dani Johnson TODAY:

I found $984 of fat in my income! I am working to get ride of at least one student loan this year, and also bringing down my mortgage. I will be out of debt in the next 4 years..FOUR HONEY DID YOU HEAR ME???? Right now I'm working with my 9-5 income, but I'm increasing my income through my businesses. ( I LOVE MY JOB, but I am leaving this 9-5 this year). By increasing my personal income in my businesses I can catapult myself to get out of debt faster.

I am not a coach because I paid for a certificate or a degree, I am a BUSINESS AND LIFESTYLE coach because I have been there, done that, and have the scars to show it. I am learning to do what is needed to help my clients; I am learning and re-learning everyday.

Pick up your study today from my website: and lets get debt free together!

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