Friday, June 1, 2012

Its in the CONTENT!!!

I have invested in the education needed to go forth in my travel business and to eliminate debt in my life. As a business and lifestyle coach, I instruct, but I also learn. I look at what I buy and see what I have similarly and how I can maximise my money; how can I increase in my value and content of my products.

I'm sharing this with you. Why? You need to know.

So I purchased the War on Debt System from Dani Johnson. (SN: As long as I have a payment to someONE in a given month, I have debt.) I received my package yesterday and I looked it and I said, wow....I just paid $97 for a great system (I'm listening now) but I have learned from her packaging (workbook, cd's and dvd) how I can increase my content with what I already have. You see even the coach needs a coach. I'm looking at her workbooks and the pages, with the content. I"m listening the cd's, the excitement with the content, and I am so excited to say DANI JOHNSON IS MY COACH..she just isn't aware of it yet.

What I know about Coach Dana (me) is that I have plenty of content that needs to PUT TOGETHER; books, programs,etc. and you know what, I can see how can effectively do it for my clients, AND, charge a little more to increase me wealth with my value.

What I have learned in less than 24 hours has my mind RACING WITH IDEAS TO BETTER ASSIST MY CLIENTS.
For my fellow business owners, its time we step out of the normal BOX and get in where we fit in!

I'm excited; are you excited?

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