Thursday, June 28, 2012

You have made the investment; NOW WHAT?

I, Coach Dana, am an avid follow of Dani Johnson and Evelyn Jackson. Both ladies are great motivators for small business persons and individuals needing to get out of debt. I have been looking at what they do, what I do, and thinking, we all have gotten to our successful points in life in different ways, shapes and forms because of different circumstances and God's plan for us.

There are many coaches and millionaire business professionals that say invest in yourself; that is the best investment you can do during the current times. Investing in yourself could be reading a new book, subscribe to a magazine that will benefit you (SN: I just subscribed to FORBES!) Investing in yourself could be going to a trainined seminar or signing up for a webinar. MAKE THE INVESTMENT!!!

Well, now that the investment has been made, what do you do? Now that you have taken notes and have committed to apply the lesson to your life and your business (maybe evn your minsitry) what do you do? You have to do something. DO NOT let those notes, books or anything collect dust! You have to train yourself to get out of your old mindset and walk in the new; you have to move.

The investment you made into your life is to help you to obtain more income, desireable relationships etc. If you dont move you will be sitting there after the conference wondering NOW WHAT? Never wonder; use what you have learned.

Many of you have heard me say utilize all of your resources. Your resources is everything that you had coupled with all that you have learned or are learning and making it work for you. I can't tell you to do exactly what I did or AM doing; I can only tell you to use what you have and move..NOW THAT YOU HAVE MADE THE INVESTMENT....MOVE!

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