Monday, September 3, 2012

$5 in 9

$5 in $5 webinars or teleconference calls in the month of September for 9 days. During this 9 days Coach Dana will have something for you. You have $5 to invest to get you ready for end of the year sales, back to school events, cutting coupons etc.

With $5 can you afford NOT TO INVEST IN YOURSELF?

September 11-19th Mid-day, Late Night, or Early Morning Coach Dana is getting read to bombard you with massive information. *You will need a notebook*
  1. Get out of Debt Free Card
  2. Self Publishing v. Publishing Company
  3. Your Couponing WHY
  4. Faith and Finances
  5. Writing the Vision and make it VISIBLE!
  6. You are capable.
  7. 7 P's to Greatness Preview
  8. Women Get Your Breakthrough Preview
  9. Building You and Your Finances too (get free ebook
Pre- Registration for these classes has already started but you still have time. We will be providing a lot of information prior to the classes as well as something FREE for all those registered. Pre-register at with the subject $5 in 9. In your email let us know which call/webinar you want to register for when registration is open. *IF YOU MISS THE ACTUAL CALL/WEBINAR YOU WILL RECIEVE THE RECORDING.*

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