Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do You See Me?

I think about tips I have learned from my coach. (yes the coach has a coach) In one of her books, she talks about visibility and using your car. As a business person, I'm always in my car; running here and running there to accomplish a goal.

I never thought of using my car as a moving billboard; now I am.

I wonder how many people can ask others DO YOU SEE ME? Can someone run into your vehicle and find out who you are and what you sell? Do you have something that stands OUT on your car? What about in your personality? If you have something on your car, does your personality allow you to stop and say hello to the people looking at your information? Consider this, you want to get to millionaire status, but you want people to stay OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS. Well how will they know anything about you or what you do if you are hiding behind closed doors? Word of mouth can only go so far, you might have to use word on car. 

Look at where you want to be and look at what you are doing to accomplish that swiftly and effectively. Then ask yourself DO YOU SEE ME?

Know that you are able!!

Building You

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