Monday, November 12, 2012

Time for Change

Every thing you do should not be about the money you can make. Everyone wants to make more money and have the best life, but if you don't know how to have the best life right now with what you have how is money going to help you? Its're going to go into debt faster than you will ever get out....ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE.

You have to start making a list, a real list of what you want and how you think you want to accomplish that in the next 50 days. You have to look at what needs to be done for a positive and a more successful (in anything) new year.

I'm not saying make resolutions; I'm saying make obtainable goals that can be accomplished and will catapult you into the next year. YOU HAVE TO START NOW FOR CHANGE.

Here is my list:
  1. Paying myself(i already pay tithes consistently)
  2. Paying off bills that will keep me from going forth (utlity, school loans, etc)
  3. Starting a stockpile for personal needs/cleaning products etc
  4. Teach my daughter to do number 3.
  5. Have 3 home tastings for Shakeology(what direct sales business are you in?)
  6. Increase my income 100% by training others to do what I do
  7. Create networks that can teach others to build networth
  8. Get house in order for new house
  9. Writing in at least one blog per day. (I have many blogs)
  10. Record videos for couponing, coaching, etc.

And so on and so forth. I will probably add to this list daily as I take off from this list. I must say to you that changing what you do every day will change how you look at what you can be successful in.

Its time for change and time to start now. If you are serious about doing what you need to do, understand you are capable. (next online class starts January 11th 2013)

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