Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Do it with a SMILE or don't do it!

Everyone knows that presently I'm working a 9-5. I love my job, but I will praise God when my release from it comes.

This morning I walked into my parking structure to talk the managers about getting a paper receipt for my monthly parking. I'm joyous with others. I smile. I laugh. I ask them how they are doing. EVERYONE I ENCOUNTER. If I dont' get that back in return, I'm walking out and coming back in the same way WE'RE GOING TO TRY THIS AGAIN.

Let me tell you, if you hate your job you can't reciprocate a smile....QUIT, because you shouldn't be paid to ruin someone else's day.

 Your job is something you chose to do because you were mentally trained that's all you can do. That's not me, because pretty soon I'M OUTTA HERE. I'm here to tell you if you can't change your perspective of your job and how you see your early mornings with or without a cup of coffee DONT DO THE JOB ANY MORE.

There are a few things happening that will cause you to make your job worse or get fired:
  • ruining your clients day
  • messing with customer's money
  • messing with your boss's money
  • doing your job at 50% instead of at least 99.9%
  • causing health problems that wont show up until after you retire which then you just DIE.

do you want that? do you want to be fired or worse yet DIE? change it ...or quit.

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