Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BLAST (a post I made today)

Here is a business tip, well not sure if its a tip more so a blast of reality: people will not support you no matter how much it will benefit you..they will not support you. I think (and this is just DANA) that if I know you have a business that's lets say its THIRTY ONE..and I need some kind of organizer or carry all, I'm going to buy from you..period...$100 or $10 I"m going to support you. I may be broke busted and disgusted, but I"m going to help you GROW..thats support, then in turn becomes word of mouth. I have an avon lady I love..I know 5 AVON LADIES. I purchase from my Avon lady every time, becaus she gives discounts and allows me to pay later etc....I'M GOING TO ALWAYS BUY FROM mama could sell AVON and I woulnd't change. I said all that to say, many of us know someone that does something and we will run to walmart for the cheapy stuff instead of helping someone build their business or we knoe 100 people doing the same thing, and wont even support one...think about it.

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