Monday, April 8, 2013

15 Work at Home Jobs You Can Start Now

15 Work at Home Jobs You Can Start Now:

  1. Teach someone how to organize their home effectively
  2. Babysitting (ages 15 and up)
  3. Maid service (teenagers can start now…and parents can find out licensing info)
  4. Write Blogs (many people are making $$ from blogs right now)
  5. Write novels (please..we all have a story to tell w/o names and make it reallllly juicy)
  6. Car Wash/detail
  7. Become an investor (penny stocks are a great way to start)
  8. Lawn care (can you cut the grass?)
  9. Alterations (can you sew???)
  10. Teach a class on couponing in your basement
  11. Sell Avon ( use  emcelrath as a the code $10 start up)
  12. Sell YoungLiving ( $40 min start up)
  13. Baking (sell samples to build capitol to get the license)
  14. Virtual Assistant (everyone can be a great secretary, from around the world)
  15. Marketing assistant for businesses (just like a virtual assistant but with a niche)

If you want to know how capable you are to do these businesses contact me TODAY 888-718-1066 ext 2

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