Monday, April 22, 2013

What is your FLOW?

I have to say that was wanting to blog about something TOTALLY DIFFERENT than the title, but, nonetheless, I flow with the LORD.

What is your flow?

Well the importance of this brief, yet informative blog, is to allow you to sit back with your coffee or tea, and realize what makes you move SWIFTLY AND EASILY.

I know that my flow was/are my children. I do everything for them, and now, my grandchildren. My businesses are being developed to leave legacies. Sometimes I wonder if my flow is worthless for them if they dont start a business, but I dont give up!

What is your flow? (hey..what is your why..or why not?)

I know that negativity blocks my flow as well as procrastination. (it took me 5 hours do this blog) I also know that low self esteem has been a flow blocker. (took me 6 years to get connected on what I needed to do for business, because I wanted people to want/help me and support me)

Take some time today to look at what your flow is or isn't and lets chat about it tomorrow!

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