Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where is Your Mind Today?

My mind is in a place of confusion. Yes, PASTOR/COACH/MAMA/CEO Dana is in a state of confusion. So many different things have happened in the past 45 days that I can't seem to grasp what I WANT, but I can see to share with OTHERS NEED.

Where is your mind today?

It becomes hard state to be in when, as a mother, there are so many things you want for your children, but have to take your hands off of in order for them to see it. It's discouraging as a coach that there are people that have so many resources at their finger tips and don't use them. As a pastor, I see the falling and they wont' get up, not that they can't, they just won't and I'm thinking all the prayer in the world won't change their hearts. (hearts hurt and keep them fallen)

Where is your mind today?

I'm sitting here preparing curriculum for new classes, books that will be manuals, vending opportunities for businesses and wondering why I'm in this place of confusion. My mind is wandering; thats where I this state of confusion.

It happens to the best of us when we hit a brick road that is crumbling. What I mean is, there is this hindrance and we continue to look at it as if it will change. I know, in my mind today, that the hindrance can be changed by us, by me, in the way we look at it; there isn't anything that is built up (brick wall) that can't be torn down.

Even though there is so much going on around us, change is about to happen; so much going on around me, change is about to happen. The last 45 days can't break me. The confusion will stop and mind will see clearly. If your mind isn't where you want it to be, knock down the brick wall and change it.

Where is your mind today?

Coach Dana

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