Sunday, May 5, 2013

So many of us..but little support...

As I look around at the people I know that are entrepreneurs, I see so many of us that were homeless, jobless, penniless, and un- or under-supported. At night we go to sleep knowing we have hit the ground running only to also know that we still don't have support from the people around us. Its a crying shame that families can't even share your name, or friends can't even pass out a card unless something is in it for them.

So many of us (entrepreneurs), but little support from the people in the same room.

It's okay to realize this while still hitting the ground running, because at some point you have to know that the one looking out for you and making sure you are making the vision plain for others to see is the man upstairs; Our Father in Heaven.

We may be increasing in numbers, especially women, but we are being held up by the number one supporter in the universe and that is GOD. I have to say that I didn't realize how kept I was, until I realized that I wasn't kept by any human being here. I thank and praise GOD that HE is and I am, because I have four people looking at me, hoping I don't fail, but can't see that I might win.

One thing I know this night, in the middle of my challenge to stockpile the mansion, is, many of us are out here beating traditions with little support, but BIG AMBITION.

God bless! and Keep it moving!

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