Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stockpiling the Mansion: Day 3

Hello! I know I said I wouldn't come back to share until day 7, but some things have happened and I had to share. This is day 3 of STOCKPILING THE (mini) MANSION. Oh yes, its still big, but not 100 bedrooms big, and yes, its still what I want, but not over the top and yes STILL DEBT FREE!

As a business coach (with a little bit of financial help), I tell my clients to sell what you don't need. I'm so serious about getting as much as you can from the little you have (and dont need) that I continue to do this every week. NOTE: I usually try to freecycle, but lately, they haven't been trying to get what I have. hmmmmm

Dana's Basement Sale:

As I was cleaning up and realizing that I don't have the grandchild or any outside business work to do, I found many items I can sell or trash (see yesterdays blog post). Anything from .50 to $5 it is getting out of here today:

  • Christian books for women
  • Christian books for business owners
  • Glass vases (with blue marbles)
  • Ice Buckets
  • and I'm still going through boxes

I am going to take the money I make and tithe, then put away for items for the new mini mansion. One of the items I truly need right now is a shelving unit for the basement to hold the food and accessories.

Well off for now. I will comment later on how well I did!


Coach Dana 

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