Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stockpiling the Mansion

I have recently made a change in my life where I have to look at my calendar (forward) and set goals to accomplish MAJOR THINGS. I have asked the Lord for a house, eh uhm, a mansion, debt free. This mansion has enough rooms in it for my children IF THEY EVER NEED TO MOVE BACK HOME; enough space for ministry services, a pool, an office, and so much more.

Since making the recent change, I have been preparing for this mansion in my subconscious. Now, I have to set some challenges for myself (basically goals) in order to fill up this house; furniture, accessories, staff (maybe)

Yes, yes, I can understand how you might be saying, how do you set challenges to fill a mansion? Well, it takes a series of assignments in order to get started:

  1. prayer and direction
  2. vision board
  3. mansion vision calendar
  4. envelopes
  5. more prayer
  6. access to shelving units and totes

The purpose of this challenge, we know, is to fill the mansion, but the current living quarters have to be able to sustain the stockpile. Although, I've asked for this house to be debt free, God will say use wisdom not ignorance in running the mansion. So I have to prepare for it NOW as if I'm living there now. I truly want to say this is part of the #danaisfound project (which surfaced last week). Not only will the mansion be an asset to me; an investment for years to come, the inner and outter change in myself will show through as well.

I'm excited.

Okay so today is Day 1!

I have researched stockpiles on pinterest (follow me), as well as viewed pictures online. I have decided that I have to GO HARD to do this. Why? If I don't push myself to accomplish this, I wont do it. It will be a goal started but never achieved.

~~You know, I think #8 should be exercise. The more exercise I do, the better my physiqe and the better my mind to get the work done.~~

So here is an example of an organized stockpile that I truly need for my basement.

This may be extreme to some of you, but in order to be ready for the next level....BILLIONAIRES PLAN..there, how's that?

I'm making a list of what we need now that we run out of ALL THE TIME and how much more I would need in order to create an organized stock pile, obtain debt free mansion, and be move in ready.

Again, this may seem extreme to you. You are still thinking how is she going to get this mansion? Is she in a fairytale land? I would surly suggest to you, if you feel that I am not on earth, than please don't follow my success, but if you are cheering for me to move foward and reach this goal (however God sees fit, too, let me mind you).

It's a challenge to stockpile the mansion. I already know its coming. I feel it daily. The point in the process is to obtain AND maintain the mansion debt free.

Yep, this is DAY 1..I will share again on Day 7

Charging battery for camcorder (oh yes..follow me on youtube; I will be posting some videos)

Hey, as Coach Dana, I'm helping you to set a challenge for yourself! I think we should help and encourage each other!

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