Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The View has Changed

So many things have changed in the course of a month, well actually 4 years, that I thought would never ever come in my life. The change has been a true eye-opener. I will never wish this change on anyone; not friend or foe.

When I first talked about this change, I was the one that said God will handle it and God is in control. Sometimes what we pray for is not what God is trying to give us; it is HIS WILL THAT SHALL BE DONE, not ours. I have struggled in the pass week with everything going on and thought to myself, how do I keep going and how do encourage my clients to keep going as well when they come across this?

Cry, and pretend they are tears of gold and that you are sharing those tears with others.
 When we are refined like silver and gold from our Father in Heaven, our views of life will change. The view has changed for me and I've been hitting the ground running.

I will never say that it won't be a struggle or that you won't crawl before you walk; I will be the one that says without prayer and clear direction you will be in the middle of sand storm choking! I will be the one to say I know what its like to have it all taken away, trying to build multi-million dollar businesses and missing the mark! I will say, just because the view has changed, doesn't mean the purpose has.

Somewhere in your life you were given a vision; the vision that should be plain for others to see. See, right now you are in a place (similar to me, some of you) where the view is very different than about 10 years ago, but the vision hasn't changed. Get ready for a time change...
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Your view from here should be that of success; wealth and accomplishments to leave legacies.

I posted this blog in the middle of my challenge because I wanted all of you to see that there are many ups and downs, but how you view them and respond to them is important. Keep running this race and don't give up. Keep your eyes on the prize.

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