Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Cause

This morning after my prayer time, I asked God if there was something I missed; with every dream, every vision, I knew He wanted me to do ministry, but where was the business?

I left for church knowing one day I would get an answer; I rec'd my answer right in service! Don't forget the cause was the monumental subject of someone's testimony. Through her testimony everything started to flow;  the answer I needed from the question I asked.

Everything evolves around the cause; for GOD TO GET THE GLORY.

No matter what I do in business (which are a lot of things) I can't forget the ministry. Although I am a pastor as a business person I have to recognize that those are the times to meet in Jane or John Doe and allow the light to shine. Ministry can never be used like a business, but business can be an opportunity to minister to others.

Thank you Lord, I will never forget the cause!

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