Sunday, November 24, 2013


So what if you were fired? Did you know that while you're sitting at a desk or working the factory, that in the back of your head, you should consider what would happen if you were downsized or you were fired. Why aren't you? Afraid of having to face the unknown? What if the unknown is RIGHT NOW? You're at home, no job to go to on Monday and no answers for money? soooooooooooooo your UNKNOWN IS RIGHT NOW.. now what?

I have conversations with people on a day to day basis about the next step and everyone fills out applications. (Fine, fill one out with me!)

My question is why are you filling out applications when you have one or THREE businesses on the inside of you? The answer usually is, I NEED RIGHT NOW. Well, as a woman of God, totally dependent on the instructions from God, I say, ISN'T GOD GOING TO FILL THAT NEED? Yes, I know that not everyone has that faith that I have, and I know that everyone is not going to feel as at peace with choices in life as I do, but if you are faith filled and you go to church and you pray and fast like you say you do...WHY THE WORRY AND ANXIOUSNESS?

I totally understand being worried about paying bills, but what happened to the prayers of the righteous asking for all debts to be cleared. God has to get the glory out of something in your life and where you're going in your life FOR HIM. Whatever He has called you to do, you better do it.

Now back to what if you're fired: DO YOU EVEN HAVE A PLAN B? -- or are you just banking on getting another job? Technically, that's the easy way out and IF, that's all you can see for yourself, this blog isn't for you.

BUT IF YOU WERE FIRED, do you have enough faith in yourself to take your gifts that you know you have and build on that? --logically you know that THERE IS MORE IN YOU, but logically you are AFRAID of stepping into the UNKNOWN. The unknown is NOT KNOWING you are going to make it with what you have; not knowing you can still live with the uncertain income. The unknown is not knowing what to DO with what you have, BECAUSE IT ISN'T LOGICAL TO THE CIRCLE around you. Now that's scary; when the only KNOWN thing you can do is what is best summed up by the people around you.

Time for plan B. 

Seriously think about where you are  now and the WHAT IF'S. No it's not thinking negative as my daughter would say, but its being prepared. You should have enough inventory on hand that if you were fired today, you could be at vendor event next week.

Let's just make a quick list:

  • You know how to cut coupons to build your stockpile and feed your family
  • You have enough inventory to start selling from home
  • You have enough of being on the back end of the financial street that you can write a book or ebook about it.
  • You have enough resources right now to record a video and start your own series about being fired and bouncing back on youtube  and start making money from that.
  • You have enough online connections on social networks, to start building a clientele NOW. 
  • You have .99 to purchase a domain from godaddy 
  • You have enough expertise in the job you were doing to start your own business or at least blog about it. 

Yeah, if you were fired today, you have the answers and it isn't completing another application for someone else waiting on an interview and then another 30 days for a check. PULL IT TOGETHER.

Coach Dana Neal 

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