Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Real Reality Report: The Professional Serial Entrepreneur

The Real Reality Report
The Professional, Serial Entrepreneur

Coach Dana Neal
Business and Lifestyle Coach
Billionaire Mama and Queen
B.A.D. Visionary

Professional Meaning:
(of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.

Serial Meaning:
consisting of, forming part of, or taking place in a series.

Entrepreneur Meaning:
a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

You can let people tell you what they want to tell you about multi-tasking or not focusing on one thing, but when you are determined, you do what you have to, with what you have.


You are the professional in your world. Whether you have a degree or the experience, you are the professional. You can be a professional loser or self motivator either way it’s up to you to choose this about YOURSELF; no one else. It’s not their call. The vision behind what you are doing in your life is what was given to you at a time where you were really down or really UP in life. I say this meaning, you either are walking with the devil or walking with the Lord in whatever vision you were given. Be professional about it and get on the right line today. (RIGHT NOW TODAY) #catchthat (hashtag again)


You can do many things or one thing; I can’t tell you how to fit success into your schedule. You can believe everybody or get into your prayer closet and hear God. I’m going to be spiritually real here and say this: YOU DIDN’T GET THAT GREAT IDEA BY YOURSELF. You can’t keep running from it (see the above snippet on PROFESSIONAL), and you can’t keep thinking you have time. It is time to receive the direction for this level to keep going to the next.


You have business ideas, skills, and sense, but you won’t use them. That’s a serious problem. How serious? Depends on what you want to do with the rest of your life. If security in a pension is what you desire the most, this report is not for you. If you want to leave legacies for your children, showing them how to work for themselves and move past what the norm is/was, then you know how serious a problem this actually is; change it.

Your ideas can be very elaborate or very simple. It is time to make a list.

  • What are you current hobbies?
  • Can you make money from those hobbies?
  • Who, in history, has been making money from similar hobbies?
  • How can you maximize your efforts in a hobby to make money?
  • Do you have any talents that you have let sit and can now start using for residual income?
  • Are you a sales person, a renovator, a project manager?
  • Are you a cook, teacher, musician?
  • Do you know how to record video? SIMPLE VIDEO?


…and Coach Dana can help. Yes, my staff are here to help you get it together and bring you to a point of gaining, not losing. Every professional started from the bottom, but never believed they were a professional when at the bottom. I’m encouraging you to do what is necessary before 2014 gets here to start fresh now. Coach Dana teaches various classes at B.A.D. University; register today for what you need, and then watch your life catapult into BETTER.

Coach Dana Enterprises welcomes you!

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