Friday, December 13, 2013

The Real, Reality Report: Write Your Own Check

The Real Reality Report
Write Your Own Check

Coach Dana Neal
Business and Lifestyle Coach
Billionaire Mama and Queen
B.A.D. Visionary

The purpose of being in business is to create financial stability while doing something you are passionate about and helping others. When you can really be happy ‘going to work’, you can feel good about paving your own way, hence, writing your own check. This real, reality report is not about surveys and tables; it’s about real life with real answers.

Write it!

Now, some of our overly exceptional entrepreneurs are saying, well it takes so much time to start paying yourself from your business, but a well thought out plan of action in business, will cause you to smile daily, helping others, THUS, paying yourself. The benefit of seeing someone else smile by what you have to offer is better than any amount of money in any checking account.

Write it!

If you have been thinking about the bank account before you have thought about stepping out, that’s okay, but now you have to start thinking about stepping out; the logical is about to be hit in the face by the illogical. What do I mean? I mean you have to write the downfalls of changing your dreams into reality:

@     You don’t have money to invest
@     You don’t know how to run a business
@     You are afraid of what others will say
@     The rent/mortgage need to be paid
@     You have bills that are due(overdue)
@     You have always compared yourself to others
@     You won’t have health insurance
@     You are SCARED

Write it!

After all you have looked at, and what your life has been, what do you have to lose in starting a business in order to get over the hump of the above? You have nothing to lose when you try. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil, or an erasable ink pen, and write your first $1,000 check payable to yourself. Write it! Doesn’t it feel good? Great, now, what will it take for you to get your mind to that point of writing that check KNOWING you are going to pay yourself that amount in 30 days? You can’t hesitate with this answer; you can’t consider the downfalls, you have to consider the uphill battle. Let me help you with real, reality:

@     I have various resources to tap into
@     I have 3 direct sales/mlm companies that I haven’t utilized in over a year
@     I have children I can hire
@     I have faith the size of a mustard seed (#catchthat; there’s that hash tag again)
@     I have a lot of gifts and talents to start where I am right now

Look, you can write this check very simply if you use what you have. This real, reality report is about you seeing your way out of where you are and the benefits there in; corporate America WILL NOT LAST. The government shut down in 2013 was a wake up call to the rest us that they ARE LOOKING OUT FOR THEMSELVES. A plan B is no longer enough.

Write it and Contact my office as well:

God gave you the vision. Write it. Make it plain. Then, call my office and let Coach Dana help you with creating budgets, finding money in strange places, becoming debt free, and using all of your resources.

Coach Dana Enterprises welcomes you!
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