Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Real Reality Report: You 'Ain't' Ready

The Real Reality Report
You ‘Ain’t’ Ready

Coach Dana Neal
Business and Lifestyle Coach
Billionaire Mama and Queen
B.A.D. Visionary
(yeah, you ain’t ready)

Here’s the true, un-adulterated, real deal; YOUR REALITY IS NOT THE REALITY OF THE COACH YOU HIRED OR THE PERSON YOU ARE TRYING TO BE LIKE. So what are you doing?—and why are you doing it? Because someone with the same title that I have (coach) told you to, but the difference here (with me as your coach) is that I’m telling you to utilize what you have, what is already in you, and make that work. If you can’t do that, it doesn’t matter who you follow, or who you pay etc. You are reliving what they have done to reinvent the wheel in your life and business.

Nope, you ain’t ready.

My testimony of business, in the book ‘Your Miracle from My Mess’ was written for you to learn from and say oh yes, I see myself here, and change it. You can’t do everything I did and then say you’re going to be like Dana; I went through YEARS OF MISTAKES. Why would you want to go through years of mistakes when you can cut to the chase?
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Nope, you ain’t ready.

The real reality is this: my experiences make me the expert to share the how-to’s and the how-not’s. Your experiences help you see where you don’t want to be over and over again; THIS IS HOW WE CONNECT. I encourage people on a daily basis to see their true potential. Your potential to be an actor, rapper, singer, sports star and more, are right on the inside of you. I show you how to tap into that REAL REALITY the first time we meet. I’m the coach that helps you step out of your worldly comfort zone into your God given talent.

Nope, you aint ready.

Do you realize why you aren’t ready? The real, reality is this: you don’t want people to tell you that you’re not working to your full potential; you want someone to tell you what to do from what they did, and then you follow the instructions on making the wheel instead of obtaining a car and driver. #catchthat (yes I put a hashtag in a report!)

Now, you can get ready…

Here are some simple calls to action steps for you to get yourself ready for the REAL REALITY:

@     Contact my office and find out what we can do for you and pay your first installment
@     Understand that signing a contract with us allows Coach Dana Enterprises to be your accountability partners
@     Write down what you know how to do and bring that to your first meeting with Coach Dana (conference call or in person)
@     Drink water consistently (you need to cleanse your body and get ready for the mental exercises)
@     Start telling yourself YOU’RE READY

Coach Dana Enterprises welcomes you!
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