Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Real Reality Report: Start There Don't Stay There

There are times where we have to depend on someone or something to get by, yet the 'get by' causes you to open up your personal life to any and everyone. Those people you open up your life to, can, and sometimes will, use those private moments against you. They will take what you have and keep you in bondage to what they have and say YOU NEED. You don't need to stay in bondage. Even if you self inflict yourself initially you have the power to get out.

Many people have been there and gotten out. I was one, but I have to say that after the help, you can be hindered. It was a struggle to move forward in the plans of my life so I could come here and help you. You have to know that if you start there, you don't have to stay there. As a business and lifestyle coach, I am representation, a true example, of getting out! Your bondage could be government assistance or people in your life trying to stagnate you or subdue your skills or gifts. Your end result doesn't have to be their words against you; you can succeed from where you are now. Look at yourself right now and say I started here, but I won't stay here; I am a multi-millionaire in the making! 

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal

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