Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Real Reality Report: What is on Your Mind?

Most people don't realize that their faith plays a rural part in the life; whether they are faithful at being negative or positive, or their faith allows them to trust in God. There is nothing like knowing you will be okay, when you know God is with you. So with that, this Real Reality Report talks about what is on your mind will make or break you. 
What is on your mind? 
  • Are you worried about bills? 
  • Are you concerned about college tuition?...student loans?
  • Are you worried about rent/mortgage? 
  • Are you worried about buying groceries? 
  • Are you glad in knowing that all these worries are tedious and its all taken care of day by day? 

Whatever is on your mind will make or break your daily momentum and you don't have time for that; when you're looking at living a renewed life, you don't have time for breaking. You need to have a mindset that will make you push forward. 
What is on your mind?
  • Are you concerned that people won't like you (in business or in life)?
  • Are you concerned you may be fired tomorrow (what is your plan B)?
  • Are you concerned you won't be able to sell what is needed to get by month to month (in business)?

Get rid of every minor thing that is negative. 
Change your mind!
Make a list (yes a list), of ever negative thought you have right now. Write it down in a bold color, put it on the wall of your home office, cubicle or what not. 
After you make the list, look at it and decide what can I handle today? Now this can be anything. It can be cleaning your house, shredding papers you don't need, organizing the basement, it could be anything! 
The necessary steps to changing your mind, is realizing it can be changed. There is nothing too hard for GOD (come on now) that He can't help you realize what needs to be done and right now. 

Transparency moment: Last year I moved into a smaller place. It was by the grace of God that I obtained this place, but it's a transitioning time for me and so, nonetheless, I moved. It's been in my spirit to get some things organized and in place so that I can have more than one "living space" in my small house, but I have papers for a decade ago all over. It's time to get rid of those things so that God can speak to me about my next level and assignment clearly. My mind has to change to say GET IT DONE DANA..or you can't move forward. 

Whatever is on your mind right now is either holding you back or pushing you forward. Find out what that is and GO!

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Dana Neal 

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