Friday, March 21, 2014

The Real Reality Report: You Have to Move Around

Those of you creating a business or pondering with an idea to start a business have to realize that your family and even close friends are not your support system. Yep; even now while you're thinking I don't know what I"m talking about, that small voice is telling you that I'm right. 

You will have to move around and move around really quick. 

Billionaires are those that had a mind to do whatever was impossible to others and they have achieved it; can you do that with 90% of your family and friends tell you, you can't? No. You will start to believe them and settle into the rut of everyday life and forget the fact that there was something inside of you that made you excited. 

Why don't the people close to you support what you're doing? 

The mindset of the people closest to you is that of someone who has dreams but can't see them coming to fruition. So, because they can't see, they want to make you just as blind as they are, and being blind to what is on the inside is wrong and evil. Yep, it sure is. 

 The other thing is, they can probably vision your success and dont' want you to reach that wealthy plateau. That is a dangerous, negative person to be around. 

You have to move around! 

Billionaires, let's just wealthy people, help others understand where they are and how they got there; some people don't want to listen, because all they see are the dollar signs. But, you want to hear my story, you have to listen with a new set of eyes and ears, to the past that isn't on BLAST. #catchthat

You have to move around, and here's how

  • You have to decide that you want more and they can't hold you back
  • You have to decide that the reality is that no matter what job you have you won't be as wealthy as you want to be
  • You have to want the status so bad to help others, that those negative people can't be in your way. 
  • You have to know that no matter how blind you WERE, now you can see! 

Now move around! 

That's the Real Reality Report from 

Dana Neal
Coach Dana 
Building You! 

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