Monday, March 17, 2014

What in the World??

This morning I recorded my motivational moment with the same title as today's blog, thinking that brief message would be enough. I was so wrong; there is so much more we need to consider when asking the question WHAT IN THE WORLD?

As a business owner, I have had many challenges over the years, and quite a few triumphs, but the one thing that scares me the most about this year, 2014, is where I'm headed without  A LOT OF PEOPLE.

Yes, I am the first to say that worrying about people is not an option in building business or changing your life. Yet, you have to look around you and truly realize that some people can't ride the train with you.

  • What in the world happen to ride or die? 
  • What in the world happen to I want more out of life? 
  • What in the world happen to leaving legacies for my family? my children? 

I'll tell you what happened to those people, they forgot about their faith, their value and their worth and decided to agree with the rest of the WORLD on what to do. I'll tell you another thing, they don't fit in the circle, and you might have to become square to find a different circle.

Listen, we don't have time to ponder this too long; just look around you and ask yourself WHAT IN THE WORLD and then MOVE ON!

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Dana Neal

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