Monday, April 7, 2014

The Real Reality Report: The Reason for Your Own Business

This report is going to be relatively short. There are times where we have to understand the importance of being in business and why; your why adds value to why people will (or will not) do business with your, or even understand why YOU DO BUSINESS.

The reason for business, or running your own business, is to create financial stability in your own home; achieving your own dreams. The reason why working at a job is not essential is because CORPORATE AMERICA IS NOT PROMISED.

The best way to understand what I'm saying (as brief as it is) is to take note of these things:

  1. Your family (children, spouse, immediate relatives)
  2. Your work history (even integrity)
  3. Your experiences in the work force? (how many jobs have you had in the past 10 years)
  4. Home ownership
  5. Investments (or lack there of)
  6. Higher education
Look at this list and consider what you want your end result to be at the age of 50, 70, 90. If you want to leave a legacy of support and encouragement, knowledge for the next level in education, investments, etc., then look at the reason for your OWN BUSINESS.

Coach Dana Enterprises.
Dana Neal

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