Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Organization Gone Wild(OGW) Week 1

There is truly something to be said about the mother that has it all together for her household. I teach couponing how-to, finances for the broke busted and disgusted, business building with little or  no-money, and encouragement on a day to day basis. (We won't include that I am also a ministry leader!)

Either way, this week I want to start sharing with you the real reality on getting organized.
If your home office looks like this, I can understand your pain; sometimes you're running from this, and not getting any work done. It is time to pull it all together.

Some of the things you'll need to look at to get organized are some of my FAVORITE ADDICTIONS and the stores that have them:

I have found that when you are on a tight budget, is a great resource to obtain what you need.
When you look at your life compared to others in the same lifestyle as you (or as you want to be) you think they have it all together; well, the reality is, they started from the same point you are in. I STARTED FROM THE SAME POINT YOU ARE IN; I'm here to help!
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