Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Organization Gone Wild(OGW) Wk1 Part 2

I am one of those coaches that organizes and re-organizes everything, just so I know I am organized. Why?

 because, emergencies happen in my life like turning on a light switch. I have to be ready. I'm encouraging you to be READY!

The reality is that sometimes we leave things at home, that we need in the car; we don't have the right paperwork, because we weren't prepared. Now, you have to decide get frustrated or get on top of things?


With that, I want you to know how you can use a few things to file your paper work, your way, on the go!
I use all of the options below. If you click the pics or the links next to them you will find where to purchase these great items. Real reality is we all want to look cute on the go:

1. File totes...LUV LUV LUV!

These are great for file folders, calculator, cell phone, tablet etc. Waiting on a meeting to start? At ballet or basketball practice this is very useful!

2. Utility Totes from Thrity-One. (I"m addicted to these..all shapes and sizes)
LARGE UTILITY : you can put files, catalogs, etc in here; use it as a 'trunk' for an SUV.

 Fold N' File: EXCELLENT for hanging file folders for your vehicle or home office (closet office if you're like me)

LET'S GO; its about to get REAL!!!

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal

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