Thursday, May 29, 2014

Putting Purpose to it ALL!

Okay folks! Today is Thursday and it's whatever is on my mind day!
I have had some great things happen (in my mind), that I am sharing with you. I read in a blog recently about a chore chart (folder actually) with the money already 'planted in' and truly thought about how I could make it work for my son, who is actually 16, not working right now (still in school and that is more important), but still needs spending money.

He has chores that need to be done and he helps out; I need him to help out more consistently so that I can put purpose to it all for him too. So I came up with  concept for our house using the concept found here.
Here is the folder (the start anyway); I will add cash to the folder as directed from the blog above. BUT, I added a twist to the chore chart/list. 

I put a dollar amount for each day for each chore completed as well as an extra incentive for him for other things. He's an avid PS3 player, he makes his own music, etc, so I have gift card incentives for him every week. 
You might be wondering how is this going to work with a teenager instead of going to get a job? He'll see it NOW v. LATER. The money will be right there for him to have IF THE CHORES ARE DONE. The gift cards are extra IF THE CHORES ARE DONE. 

Putting purpose to the money that I have to give him IF HE EARNS IT. He has to earn it. Yes, it comes down to an honor system but I trust my son because he wants to be rewarded later from our FATHER IN HEAVEN because he was honest. I'll teach how to tithe from this, invest from this and BUILD WEALTH from this! 

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