Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Real Reality Report: Using Your Resources

Coach Dana here with the Real Reality Report! What is real reality in business and in life this week? Resources! Having all the resources you need to accomplish your goals are essential to having a productive week!

I have more than one business and more than one resource for all of them; I never under estimate what is in front of me and I never under estimate WHO IS BEHIND ME (grandkids, children, etc).

Some of my greatest resources are things I get for free; not that I"m looking for free, but I find for free. Where do I find them? On posts from Freecycle. Some of my best items I have received are binders, sheet protectors, DVD cases (presentations), cubicle patricians, and almost anything for a home office.

Another resource I use for building business and life I find at one of my favorite stores(addiction): Dollar Tree!!...and if you know me and follow my youtube channel, you know I teach about cutting coupons: DOLLAR TREE TAKES COUPONS!!!  You can save money and walk away with some great items.
Cleaning supplies for the office, paper products, mailing envelopes, pens/markers, etc are all at the Dollar Tree.

My other shopping addiction is Office Depot. Now, you can go to Staples, or Office Max, but I can FIND ALL THAT I NEED AT OFFICE DEPOT.

I record motivational moments, and the Real Reality Show, almost everyday and upload them to youtube channel. I use my phone or my tablet to do this. Why? I'm always on the go when a record-able moment hits me. A good camcorder on your phone or tablet will have you GOING PLACES!!

Some of the other resources that I use in building business are right at my fingertips: THE INTERNET. Never have to leave home to find, and use, what I need. I can't reveal those things to you here, because I give them to my paid coaching clients!

God Bless!

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal

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