Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Organization Week Gone Wild Wk 4: It's My House (DIY)

One thing about my weekends, I watch shows on Hulu Plus that help me get my home and home office together. When organization is key to keeping your sanity, keeping your sanity without breaking the bank is also part of the ORGANIZATION KEYS!

 Everyone does their best with what they have to keep things in order. Shoe holders used as a spice or cleaner holder. I have a wine rack (from Princess House)that I"m using as a towel rack in my small bathroom.

So this week in Organization Gone Wild, I've been researching some great things for your/my house that we can DIY(do it yourself).

  • 150 Dollar Store Ideas : included a spice kit in a pill organizer
  • DIY Backsplash (non-permanent): especially if you're a renter or change your mind a lot. 
  • When remodeling your home and you want to do it for free, consider changing the look of your living or bedrooms by moving furniture around. Consider changing bedding, accent pillows etc. Anna's Linens is great for this and is one of my great addictions. 
  • When you are wanting do it yourself on a budget or free, suggest Freecycle and Restore (run by Habitat for Humanity).
  • You can always follow me on Pinterest: OGW or DIY
  • Oh yes, find DIY classes in your area get on it!

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