Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Real Reality Report: How to stay BALANCED!

The reality as a business owner and MOM, is that balance is something that must be worked on daily. Emergencies arise at any time in a day, week, and life; you can't balance everything to a T, but you can try. 
The reason why you work from home is because you want to leave a legacy for your family. You want to call the shots and build the wealth. Realtiy is that isn't easy. 

When you want to be on the winning side of balancing home and business you must take control of what you can then schedule what you can't. 
I use Google Calendar to schedule everything; I get a text when things come up or I have it synced to my phones calendar: 

Every appointment, tweet, event, chat and this keeps me balanced. Whatever bill is due or late (yes, I schedule my 5 day grace period), or whatever down time I need (yes I schedule that too, its called white space). 

We all need some sort of balance and we have to start somewhere. 

What is the reality of your balance? 

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal

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