Friday, July 25, 2014

It was 1999

It was February of 1999, that I started this entrepreneurial journey. The journey to be self-sufficient and be available for my children. 

That never happened. 

Not until now. Yea!!!!!

I left corporate america in 2013 with the intent to do build the kingdom (ministry), and run business. It hasn't been downhill, but it hasn't been all uphill without a battle.  

 I had a talk with my sons, and they aren't supportive at all. My daughter believes that what is for me is for me, and I will make. (I think she sees my faith and my belief)

Since I've been out of corporate america, I have been doing everything for everybody (in my immediate family), and not one has been supportive to/of me. I have heard many complaints and have been called a great many NAMES, while still pushing this rock up HILL!

I realized that my true help was coming from the one person/place/thing that called me out of my comfort zone to complete the vision that was in my head. JESUS

I asked for help and I got it. I still struggle right now trying to do what is necessary to grow and obtain wealth, because I lack the support system I think (only think) I should have, but I know, that, I can't lean on my own understanding. I have to pray, fast, hear, and move...FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. 

My encouragement to you, no matter how alone you think you might be, you aren't. 

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal 

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