Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sometimes You Need a FIX...Daily

It has been one of those weeks! I have been working things to help build others and myself.

As a business and lifestyle coach, I am always implementing products and finding resources, that will help you build wealth and leave a legacy for your family!

 at some point you have decided that you need motivation; somewhere in there you find my videos! Thank you very much. Now, I want you to have your fix, when you want it! I've created the 7 Daily Messages on CD  that you can take with you in your vehicle, at the office or in your PC. 

Sabbath Day: Day one of the daily messages. Whatever your Sabbath day is, this day helps you get ready.

Move Day: Day two of the daily messages that helps you implement what needs to be done to build business, help ministry, or help others.

Try It Day: Day three of the daily messages where you do something you haven't done or have been scared to do.

Walk it Out or Fail Up Day: Day four of the daily messages. This is the day where any failed attempts in the past are pushed aside and you do it all again. Different from Try it day, this is the day where you ACCOMPLISH IT!

Grace and Mercy Day: Day five of the daily messages where you look at your life as a whole and realize what grace and mercy has given you.

Follow UP Day: Day six in the daily messages is about getting back to those that messaged you or connected with you in some way.

Completion Day: the last day of the seven daily messages is about making sure all of your goals for this week were done, and celebrating the accomplishments.

When you need a fix, you need it all the time. No more waiting on me to record a video, or write a blog (although, you will still receive those), but here is your CD to listen to WHEN YOU GET READY. Fix it! 

Coach Dana Enterprises
Dana Neal

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