Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Real Reality Report: Go with what You Know

It is time to go for what you know. It is time to set goals and do what is necessary to build your business and obtain wealth in your house.  I have testimonies; not just one story, but MANY- mini stories that GIVE GOD GLORY!!

The reality is you have to go with what you know. When you pray, you ask for directions and instructions; start implementing those instructions for the benefit of your home. 

Setting goals mean at some point in a day, week, or month, you intend to accomplish those goals.
Goals are not just to be written on paper or looked at as, well, I started something; procrastination is a deadly curse that will keep you from getting to WHERE YOU NEED TO BE.

Go with what you know!

  • Set obtainable goals 
  • Pursue the goals that will help you reach more goals
  • Set a deadline to those goals
  • Treat yourself for reaching those goals

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Dana Neal

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